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FEATURES - indexed bulletins with extras
December 21: No progress on Indian telecom regulator; dish antennas restricted
December 18: Indian government may rule out foreign broadcasters
December 13: Indian satellite data now in Europe
October 23: Telecom licences half-signed amid high drama in India
August 31: Will Indian telecom privatisation be scrapped?
August 19: Indian ex-Minister for Telecom raided; Harris Corp jv in trouble
July 31: Indian DoT fails to sign licences, extends deadline
July 16: Indian government chokes on telecom licences
June 26: Rupert Murdoch gives Indians a fright
June 9: Indian cable union bans ESPN for charging fees
June 6: Dassault tries out CT2 in India
May 15: India's booming market in paging services
May 2: India's elections slow telecom reform
April 16: Third round telephony bids, Sony's software and broadcasting
April 1: Broadcasting reform, AT&T cellular, 50,000 copies of Linux
March 25: Telecom Secretary replaced, Singapore Telecom, Perot Systems & HCL
March 18: more licences, Motorola cellular, stock exchange online, BBC
For the week of March 10: telephony, cellular licences awarded
NEW! Supreme Court upholds telecom privatisation - February 19
NEW! Indian datacom freed? - updated February 16, 1996
February 11, 1996: Telecom bids in court, Sport broadcasts, HCL-HP
February 2, 1996: Licensing ISPs, personal handyphone systems, Verifone-Netscape
September 19, 1995: Partial re-tender of bids likely
Telecom privatisation - bids - updated August 31
India's VSNL offers Internet services - updated August 14
Telecom privatisation - Cellular services - updated August 9

BULLETINS - selected from those distributed over the Net
India receives $82 BILLION in bids for telecom services - August 31
India's VSNL offers corporate domains, Internet access for $800 - August 14
VSNL starts India's first Internet service today - August 14
CNN's Indian venture booed; broadcasting reform stalled - August 10
India opens financial bids for cellular services - August 5
India's VSNL, MCI to launch Internet service by August 15 - August 1
India's first cellular service launched in Calcutta - July 31
IBM to give away 40,000 free copies of OS/2 in India - July 31
India to allow 49% foreign stake in telecom, broadcasting
CNN ties up with India's state broadcaster - June 30
Indian telecom strike ends; 80 bids for basic services - June 23rd
India worries about national security and private telephone networks - June 19th
India's telecom workers go on strike - June 19th
India's VSNL to offer Internet access for $16 - April 23rd

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